Training Programs

I love this profession and I believe my training will help you become healthier, leaner, faster, stronger and more confident! I have produced tremendous changes with my clients and transformed many lives. We shared smiles, laughs, hugs and tears of joy!

One on One Personal Training

I will:

One on One Personal Training with on-line weekly workouts

Once a week one on one or once a month “check-in” one on one available with this program.

I will:

On-line only GI Jaynie Total Coaching

Custom Coaching and Meal Plans with Full Coaching and Support

I will:

 How It Works:

Planned workouts:

I plan your workouts not only according to your ability, but I also take your schedule, availability, and fitness goals into account.


You can message me with a question at any time. I will respond quickly.


The feedback section is a great way to provide me any feedback that will help me help you. 

Goal Setting:

You can set your own goals for the month and the program along with me, your trainer/coach will keep track of how close you are to achieving your goal. I will incorporate your workouts with your fitness goal in mind. Results is what I want for you.


I really like the nutrition section. This section allows you to keep track of your daily diet. You can see calories, sodium, etc. on all the foods you eat and it tells you how many calories you have burned for each exercise. It gives you a tally at the end of each day showing if you burned more calories than you took in.


This might be one of my favorite parts of the program. You cannot check off a section of your work out unless you completed it in full. For example, if your workout consisted of 12 reps and you could only do 10, I would never know you skipped out on the last two. However, you have to check the box saying that you did the 12 reps or admit you didn’t finish as planned.  This is where I come in as your trainer and coach.  I will make personal adjustments in your workout. Sometimes there are reasons why you couldn’t finish as planned.  Use the feedback section to tell me why and provide as much information as possible. This will help me help you stay on track towards your fitness goal/s! 

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