About Me


Empowering clients through evidence-based training to become healthier, leaner, faster, stronger and more confident. 

I am a certified National Academy Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, ACE certified Orthopedic Exercise specialist, USMS Level 1 & 2 Masters Swim coach and certified TRX instructor.  In fact, I was dubbed “GI Jaynie” by a client who regularly attends my TRX classes, and the name stuck! My philosophy is to safely push and challenge my clients’ physical abilities while working together in and out of the gym to achieve results.  I have the knowledge and experience to assess your current fitness levels and needs.  I believe in working hard, but I also believe in keeping every workout interesting and FUN!  My workouts are carefully planned and thought out, and in my classes or while personal training my clients know the benefit behind each exercise I incorporate.

“Achieving your fitness goals is my reward!"